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Person wearing jammies checking their holiday weight on a scale with Christmas decorations surrounding them

It’s not officially the holidays without all the festive feasts and treats! And while we’re all spending more time at home these days, many of us are baking up a storm. As much as we should enjoy tasty foods, overeating can be a burden for those who want to manage their weight. Here are some of the most effective ways to manage your weight during the holiday season. 

Snack right

There are many reasons why health professionals recommend eating small amounts of food throughout the day. If done right, snacking can prevent overeating and increase your metabolism. According to Harvard Medical School, the most healthy snacks are a variety of healthy carbs, fats, and proteins. So you’ll want to opt for treats like nuts, dark chocolate, or our filing BellyCrush cookies! Trust us, your body will thank you for it!

Small plates

Just because large family gatherings may not be happening this year, doesn’t mean you have to ditch the feasts altogether. But when you are indulging in delicious holiday meals, try using smaller plates for better portion control. Many studies show that people base their portion sizes on how it looks relative to the food's surroundings. Essentially, expect big portions if you’re using big dinnerware. This tip may seem subtle, but really helps for mindless eating that can happen around the holiday dinner table!

Small ingredient swaps

A healthy holiday dinner doesn’t have to mean green beans galore. More so switching out your regular ingredients with lower fat and calorie ones. Along with the smaller plates tip, it’s a great way to get the family involved and possibly make healthy meals a consistent norm in the household. 

More protein

Seems almost impossible to avoid all the baked goods and bread? Have protein before big meals. Protein is a great tool for making your feel fuller for longer and has the ability to stabilize blood sugar levels. We’re not telling you to stuff yourselves with protein bars before dinner or dessert, simply eat snacks with high protein like nuts, quinoa, or even yogurt!

Be kind to yourself

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself and indulging in treats that you don’t typically get throughout the year. With the added stress of this holiday season, know that it’s okay to have those extra chocolates. 

Gaining weight during the holidays is normal. If you’re able to follow any of the tips above, consider it a success! Know that the key to avoiding weight gain around this time of year is to enjoy good food, but do it in moderation. After all, it’s a time where we should truly enjoy the little things.