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Woman shopping for groceries on her tablet, while working from home

Working from home has become the new normal for a lot of us. If you’re one of those people, then it’s likely that your overall routine has been thrown off or even changed completely. With the weather getting colder, gyms limiting their capacity or even closing entirely, and being advised to stay inside, being active and healthy may be a difficult feat. Even when attempting a better lifestyle seems impossible, there are always ways to work around that. Here are 5 ways to stay healthy while working from home!

Have a plan for your mental health

It’s not easy, but being prepared to deal with colder weather, loneliness, and heightened stressors will make a significant difference for your overall health. Plan out a walk every day, talk with family and friends, relax, or workout. Whether or not you have a mental health plan in motion, always make sure to take care of yourself first and foremost.

Shop dried or canned fruits and vegetables

Given the current circumstances, many of us are limiting our trips to the grocery store, which can make it difficult to stay on top of eating our fruits and vegetables. In addition to shopping for fresh produce, aim to fill your cart with non-perishable products as well. You’d be surprised what comes in cans nowadays! Canned fish, beans, chickpeas, and even tomatoes are great alternatives that have almost the same amount of vitamins as to fresh products. Dried foods like oatmeal, pulses, lentils, and couscous are good for you and easy to cook with. 

Stock up on healthy snacks

Not having quality snacks available often means snacking on the closest thing, we’ve all been there. Try stocking up on healthy snack options like nuts, cheese, yogurt, and dried fruits. Looking for something a little tastier? Try out our BellyCrush ginger flax and oatmeal hemp cookies. They’re nutritious and super filling, you won’t regret it!

Eat foods with higher water content

Foods with high water content help keep us hydrated and fuller for longer. Some items that are water-rich include strawberries, cantaloupe, oranges, cucumber, cauliflower, plain yogurt, and cottage cheese.


Free online workouts

If you haven’t already jumped on the YouTube or Zoom workout train, you’re missing out! If you work long hours, here is a video that you can do sitting down at your desk! For those looking at an extensive at-home workout regiment, Chloe Ting has a popular series that many people love. Or for those seeking lower impact exercises, the Body Project is your go-to! There’s something in the online workout world for everyone. 

We are all learning how to live full and healthy lives as we go. Getting started is the hard part, so even if you apply just one of these tips, then you’re already well on your way!