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MPowrx Health and Wellness (MPowrx), the company behind Bellycrush, is always looking for opportunities to bring innovative, scientifically-proven wellness solutions to market. After achieving distribution in over 85 countries worldwide with their flagship product, Good Morning Snore Solution, MPowrx was to eager address wellness from a holistic perspective. For this reason, MPowrx was keen on bringing yellow pea fiber-based snacks to market. Yellow pea fiber is a unique ingredient that is clinically proven to improve gut health. Dr. Nancy Markley, Founder of MPowrx, was delighted by how simple, yet clinically sound the original yellow pea fiber cookie was, so after verifying the credibility of Dr. Reimer’s research, it was time to bring this amazing solution to the people!


Leveraging its strong relationship with the University of Calgary, MPowrx licensed the research from Dr. Reimer and began working with Canadian food specialists to bring this product to life. After much collaboration with the university scientists and skilled chefs, our first two cookie recipes were crafted, and Bellycrush was born! Cookies are just the beginning! Stay tuned for a full line of yellow pea fiber products!

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The Company

MPowrx is a health and wellness company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. MPowrx is the parent company behind Good Morning Snore Solution and Bellycrush. The company manufactures products in the United States and Canada, and distributes from centers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. MPowrx is committed to bringing innovative, clinically proven wellness solutions to market, and focuses on improving overall wellness for a better quality of life.

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The Founder

Born into an entrepreneurial family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dr. Nancy Markley developed a lifelong interest in healthcare innovation. With a PhD in molecular biology, and a successful professional history of developing and commercializing medical technologies, her career began to point toward something brand new: a healthcare venture of her own, bringing scientifically sound products to market. Using sleep health as its first inspiration, MPowrx officially began in 2005.