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on Apr 25 2020

Deb L

Bellycrush cookies are a great new addition to weight management products on the market. Most weight management products I’ve tried to date have had either an unappealing flavour or had very little flavour at all. Bellycrush cookies not only contain loads of fiber which is essential for a healthy gut, they are also full of familiar favorite flavours like cinnamon and ginger.

on Aug 23 2019

Blaine Y

I Love this product! I work out early in the mornings then walk to work, so I tend to be hungry throughout the day and I look for nutritious snacks that taste good to keep me going. I eat at least 2 BellyCrush cookies everyday – they taste great and make me full so I can carry on with my day. It’s healthy (and has clinical data to back it up) but feels like a treat. Each cookie is individually wrapped so it’s fresh and easy for me to eat healthy.

on Feb 25 2020


Hello BellyCRUSH The ginger flax cookie is really good, and I love the softness and taste - not too sweet. I had one this morning with my morning coffee. I have been eating one a day and do notice a mild feeling of fullness. I am always seeking ways to increase fiber intake, and these cookies provide a great way to do that.

on Aug 26 2019

Robert N

These are amazing cookies that are easy to take with me because each one is individually wrapped. A great find.

on Aug 23 2019

Patti H

These cookies look and taste homemade – they are excellent!

Mar 22 2020

Wendy K

I love that the benefits of eating the cookies are clinically proven, and they taste great!

on Aug 25 2019

Chris R

Very flavorful! They are very filling, and I love that they are made from plant based fibre – I feel good about eating them. As well, you can read the ingredients and know what each of them are – no strange unpronounceable ingredients!

on Aug 27 2019


I just tried the Bellycrush cookies and discovered that I especially like the Oatmeal and Hemp. These ones have a lovely, subtle cinnamon taste that works really well. The Flax and Ginger is also delicious, with a bit of a nip to it that is quite pleasant. I expect I will be having one or two everyday as I love the prebiotic fiber that comes with the yellow pea fiber too. It is so good for the gut and if it helps me lose weight, even better.

on Aug 27 2019

Danny T

Really tasty! If you're looking for a snack that is not only tasty but has weight loss benefits, I would highly recommend the BellyCrush cookies! Very soft, not too sweet and there are also hemp and flax seeds (depending on the flavor you choose) that adds a delightful crunch with every bite! 5 out of 5!

on Aug 29 2019

Trevor Y

There are two things that I look for in a high fiber snack: taste and texture. These BellyCrush cookies have a great taste and the texture is excellent! I’ll recommend them to my friends!

on Oct 6 2019

Marcy M

The cookies arrived promptly. I have tried both flavors, and they are good enough to eat if I drink water with them. I have lost a couple of pounds in a week and hope that will continue.

Dec 20 2019

Bev S

Love the BellyCrush cookies, they taste great and really fill you up.

July 30 2020

Amber V.

The cookies are excellent, clean label very tasty. We loved the ginger flavour and my son loves them too (which is a huge bonus).