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    Different types of split peas and their benefits

    yellow peas
    Split peas are a great source of iron, zinc, protein, phosphorus, and then some. Here's everything you need to know about split peas and their benefits.

    5 Strange Healthy Eating Facts you Didn't Know

    Healthy eating facts
    New studies on different trends appear everyday, and here are 5 strange, yet proven healthy eating facts you may not have heard about.

    8 ways to reduce inflammation

    Inflammation bellycrush
    Inflammation can increase your risk of certain diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. So here are some proven tips to reduce inflammation.

    Back to health tips for back to school season

    healthy eating
    Here are some fun health tips to get back into the groove of things and to become the healthiest version of you!

    8 Mindful Eating Tips to Stay Healthy

    Mindful eating
    Mindful eating can lead to better portion control and even enhanced eating experience. On that note, let’s take a look at 8 mindful eating tips to kickstart your food health journey!

    How does stress affect gut health?

    How does stress affect gut health?
    It’s quite evident that stress can have a massive impact on our whole body, and even more specifically, every part of our digestive tract. So, how exactly does stress affect our gut health? 

    4 Different types of plant-based diets

    plant-based breakfast
    Food trends come and go, but one that seems to stick nowadays are plant-based diets. Here are four different types of plant-based diets that you may not know about.

    6 Foods that boost your mood

    eating mood-boosting foods
    These are the energy-boosting foods you should be eating everyday.

    Eating healthy while self-isolating

    Eating healthy while self-isolating
    If what you’re eating is leaving you feeling tired, heavy, and sluggish, then your mental health will be negatively affected. So, how can you develop eating habits that make you feel good while self-isolating?

    Why you need a healthy gut

    healthy gut
    The gut, also referred to as the GI tract, gastrointestinal system, digestive system, or digestive tract, processes everything we put into our bodi...

    Foods that slow down your metabolism

    Girl eating a sandwich

    On a weight loss journey? Or just trying to stay in shape? You might be surprised to find out which "healthy foods" are slowing down your metabolism.


    5 Ways to Stay Active During the Day

    5 Ways to Stay Active During the Day
    Have a sedentary job and looking for ways to sneak some activity into your day? We got you!
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