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A randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled study was conducted to examine the effects of yellow pea fiber on the human body. The participants that consumed 15 grams/day of yellow pea fiber in the form of cookies experienced the following:

- Significant weight loss, with no other intentional changes to their everyday diet
- Fat loss, while maintaining muscle mass. This is often a challenge in the weight loss process, as people tend to lose lean muscle along with fat when on a diet
- Improved insulin sensitivity, an important consideration since insulin resistance can contribute to weight gain
- An increased presence of Lachnospira bacteria. This is significant as it drops markedly with weight gain, but its abundance is linked to weight loss
- An increased presence of short-chain fatty acid metabolites linked with a healthy weight, such as acetate, serine, and glutamate
- A decreased presence of fatty acids those aligned with weight gain, such as isovalerate
- Elevated ketone bodies that help to suppress appetite, such as acetoacetate, 2-hydoxybutyrate, and 3-hydroxybutyrate
- Lowered triglycerides and LDL cholesterol

    Learn more about the findings of this study in Clinical Nutrition and The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry