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Yellow pea fiber is a unique plant-based fiber from yellow pea hulls. Yellow peas are a pulse crop, like lentils or chickpeas, and are grown in Alberta and other regions in Canada and Northern U.S. Similar to other legumes, yellow peas are an excellent source of fiber and protein.


The benefits of eating high fiber foods are vast, and include digestive system regulation, cholesterol control, and blood sugar control. While yellow pea hulls are comprised of 82% fiber, making them one of the highest sources of plant based fiber, the specific fiber from yellow pea hulls is unique and yields exceptional benefits.

A randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled study was conducted to examine the effects of yellow pea fiber on the human body. The participants of the study consumed 15 grams/day of yellow pea fiber in the form of cookies.

The results of the yellow pea fiber study were undeniable, and have since been published in two peer-reviewed clinical journals. So what makes the yellow pea fiber cookie so effective?

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It’s clinically tested

Unlike other weight management solutions on the market, the yellow pea fiber cookie has been tested in a controlled research environment. The results of this research were so compelling that it was published in two peer-reviewed academic journals - Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Research.

It’s unique

Yellow peas are grown in Alberta and other regions in Canada and Northern U.S. These peas yield a unique fiber that as yellow peas possess a unique fiber that is clinically proven to help with the maintenance of a healthy body weight, promote gut health, and support healthy cholesterol.

It’s easy

Yellow pea fiber snacks are one of the easiest ways to manage your weight as they can be effortlessly added into any existing routine.