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Person eating a chick pea and avocado salad

We’re all guilty of boredom-induced eating, and the truth is, we shouldn’t feel guilty at all! Self-isolating comes with its fair share of challenges, and maintaining a perfect figure is the last thing anyone needs to be worrying about. However, if what you’re eating is leaving you feeling tired, heavy, and sluggish, then your mental health will be negatively affected. So, how can you develop eating habits that make you feel good while self-isolating? We’ve made a checklist for you!

Plan your meals ahead

You’re most likely going to the grocery store less often these days, meaning that you need to plan your meals and grocery list ahead of time. Think of this as a good thing. For one, you’re writing everything down so you are aware of what you’re eating. Two, you’re limiting what you and your family are eating based on planned meals. And three, if you stick to your list, you can make it a healthy one! 

Cut the sugar slowly

We all look forward to that sweet treat during the day, whether it’s a morning cinnamon bun or an evening desert, but research has shown that high sugar consumption is correlated with higher risk of depression, anxiety and cognitive challenges. Protecting your mental health is more important now than ever, so cutting out processed sugars is a great step towards maintaining a healthy body and mind. 

Hit your fruit and veggie quota

According to the American Heart Association, adults should aim for 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. Try setting up reminders or even put a calendar on your fridge and cross out each day that you hit your quota. 

Stock up on healthy snacks

There’s nothing wrong with snacking, as long as you’re snacking on the right stuff. Opt for foods that could curb your hunger and are rich in fiber, like BellyCrush, which will aid with digestion, keep you full, and can be a solid replacement for dessert! Our cookies are proven to have many health benefits such as immune system and weight management support. And it gets better, we’re having a Spring sale where you can get 20% off your whole order

It’s a strange time that none of us could have prepared for, and most of us just aren’t used to being at home 24/7. Chowing down on our (slightly over stocked) pantry items fills up our time, bellies, and generally makes us happy. So, follow these healthy eating tips and snack on!