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Woman contemplating eating in the fridge

Feeling hungry? Or maybe you’re just bored? Sometimes the desire to snack just gets the better of us, even if our bodies don’t need more food. We’ve all been there, which is why we’ve come up with 5 easy tips to help you feel full longer.


1. Eat slower than usual

Eating too quickly is often associated with higher caloric intake and weight gain. The faster we eat, the more we want. When eating quickly, your brain doesn’t have enough time to trigger fullness hormones, so even when you’re extremely hungry, try taking at least 30 minutes to eat a full meal. This will allow your brain to send the message that you’re full to your body. 


2. Drink water before a meal

This one is simple: drink water 10-30 minutes before your meal. Water can help trick both your body and mind into feeling full. Drinking water before a meal can keep you hydrated, aid with smooth digestion, and decrease overall food intake.


3. Fiber, fiber, fiber

Fiber draws water from the drinks and food you have consumed, and brings it to your intestinal tract. In this process, fiber slows the absorption of nutrients and has you feeling fuller for longer. Looking for some new high fiber snacks? Try BellyCrush yellow pea fiber snacks, and trust us, you’ll be hooked!


4. Turn off the electronics

Studies suggest that we should avoid watching TV and eating because multitasking distracts our minds from the food that is in front of us. This lack of awareness may increase your overall food and caloric intake. It’s best to set time to enjoy your meals, as you can gain a new appreciation for your food and feel full at the same time.


5. Don’t eat your whole plate if you don’t want to

    As a kid you were probably told to finish all your food or you don’t get dessert. While the message may be a good one for kids, as adults, this concept can be harmful as it encourages overeating. It might be hard to break this pattern, but Ansel suggests that you can use a mental 1 (starving) to 10 (uncomfortably stuffed) scale. Ansel notes that once you get to 6, you should take a little break and see how you feel. This method helps you know what you want and allows you to eat without getting too full.

    There are a number of tricks for feeling full longer. No matter your goal, these effective and simple tips will encourage an overall healthier lifestyle.