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The benefits of BellyCrush cookies: plant based, improves metabolism, clinically proven.

The makers of Good Morning Snore Solution are excited to introduce the newest member of the MPowrx family of products: BellyCrush – a line of clinically proven, yellow pea fiber based products for weight management. These lifestyle factors are huge contributors to a good night's sleep.

We love to develop simple, innovative, AND scientifically proven products that promote better sleep wellness, holistically. BellyCrush is a perfect fit for the MPowrx Family of Products since weight is a key factor in snoring and sleep apnea.


What are BellyCrush Cookies?

BellyCrush Cookies are based on a unique ingredient – yellow pea fiber – and a clinical study conducted by renowned researchers from the University of Calgary.

Learn about the clinical study, and all the benefits of yellow pea fiber here

MPowrx acquired the global exclusive rights to the technology from the University of Calgary and we’ve been working closely with the researchers, and with skilled chefs, to develop delicious yellow pea fiber snacks. The first of our high fiber snacks, BellyCrush Oatmeal Hemp and Ginger Flax Cookies, are here! Each cookie gives you a healthy dose of yellow pea fiber.


The backstory

 Many things affect whether you have a good night’s sleep and live a healthy life. We know snoring and sleep apnea are two of them, but we want to take a holistic approach to achieving a good night's sleep. So, MPowrx set out to address one of the major contributors to poor sleep: being overweight

Being overweight keeps approximately 80% of North American adults from enjoying a quality sleep and living a healthy life. Weight issues get worse with age, as the average American gains 1 to 2 pounds every year after 35. By the time you’re 65, you may be carrying an extra 30 to 60 unwanted pounds, even though you hardly changed your lifestyle. Who wants that?!

Mpowrx was moved to respond to this serious issue! We wanted to find a weight management solution that actually works...and we found one! 

The answer is not a pill or an intensive diet plan to help you lose those unwanted 10 pounds (only to find them again 2 months later). Instead, we learned about a single ingredient – yellow pea fiber – that has been clinically proven to stop the natural process of weight gain in its tracks, and even help reverse it!


What is yellow pea fiber?

Yellow pea fiber comes from yellow peas (Pisum sativum L.), a pulse plant; it’s the second most farmed legume crop in the world. They offer a rich source of fiber, protein, and phytonutrients, all of which deliver multiple health benefits. We also loved finding out that they bring nitrogen back into the soil, making them useful for environmental sustainability. 

Our yellow pea fiber contains 95.6% total dietary fiber. University of Calgary researchers have demonstrated that eating this prebiotic fiber regularly helps maintain a healthy body weight and discourages the gradual weight gain that naturally occurs with aging. 

Yellow pea fiber also promotes gut health through the production of healthy bacteria, curbs feelings of hunger, and helps support healthy cholesterol levels.

To learn more about the benefits of yellow pea fiber, click here