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Healthy couple on a bike date

Need some motivation to get back on track with your fitness? What better way to do it than with your partner! Here are some fun ways to get couples motivated for a fresh health journey.


Set fitness goals together

Communication is key if you want to start a fitness plan with your partner. It’s important to know what each individual wants from a joint fitness plan. Not sure where to start? Begin with each partner’s personal health goals. This way you can research activities that are doable as a couple and as individuals. 


Try joint partner workouts

There are a lot of solo activities and workouts. However, there are plenty of tandem type movements as well! As partners, you can start as spotters for each other, then move into advanced workouts. For example, plank high fives, couples’ squats, and foot to foot hip raises are challenging and fun for you and your workout buddy!

Be competitive

A little competition never hurt anybody! Being competitive is a great way to hold each other accountable with your goals. It’s proven that having a partner is a great resource to get you motivated and moving. Some fun competitive ideas include comparing your number of daily steps, or making bets and whoever wins gets something from the other. While a little friendly competition can be fun, it’s important to remember to encourage each other. At the end of the day you’re both striving to have healthier lives!

Stay in and cook together

Cooking in general is a great way to know what’s actually going into your body. It’s also a useful perk that encourages spending quality time with your partner. You’ll learn not only new recipes and gain a new skill, but see what your significant other likes to eat and what they don’t.

Make your workouts a date

Instead of heading to the movie theatre or going to a restaurant, why not plan a health based date? This tip is especially useful for couples who have busy schedules and struggle to fit in one-on-one time. Fitness dates all have to be about intense exercise, try going on a bike ride together, trying a new sport like indoor rock climbing, or walking to a restaurant close by. 
And there you have it! Try these 5 simple tricks for getting back on track with your partner.